Publications tagged `MINDFULNESS`
Name Followers
Entheogen Exploring psychedelics, spirituality, mindfulness, mental health and the war on drugs. 247
Science & Soul We are a group of science-inspired creators of exciting content that speaks of science and cares for the soul. 242
Body Wisdom Where mind and body are one. A publication about health, well-being, personal development, optimal functioning and performance. 233
Checkmate Let’s talk! 221
The Mindful Swamp Witch Stories to inspire your inner witch. 209
Flourish Mag A home for people living and thriving through mental illness and disabilities. 205
Awake Leadership Solutions Essential Systems and Inspiring Guidance for Creative Leaders 160
The Journal of Firsts You can’t recognize progress until you’re mindfully aware of it. 158
Mindful Writing to help our practice of mindfulness. “We are all walking each other home.” is my favorite quote from Rumi and I believe it to be true. We are all on the journey, some have walked before us, some beside us and others behind. For those we are the guide. 153
South of Certainty A blog which examines the aspects of the human condition that lead to overthinking, often viewed through the prism of personal experience. 139
The Conscious Dollar Because life should be savored, not hacked. 126
Tough Cookie Light-hearted stories to improve your mental wellbeing. 114
Wealth of Ideas Knowledge-driven stories for the optimistic, curious, and introspective. 105
Happiness In Training Tips for Practicing Happy 102
Adam & Rebecca Murauskas A married couple writing authentic stories about relationships, mental health, and self-discovery. 90