Publications tagged `MINDFULNESS`
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Seeking Spirituality A place to explore the spiritual side of life. 1
Vulcan Buddha Short-form meditations on mindfulness, free will, and making the best of your life. 1
Mellow Tide A world-wide community sharing their thoughts and perceptions of life and all its currents. 1
Living Inside Out Inside Out is a space for sharing stories and wisdom about starting from within to create a life in alignment with who we are and who we want to be. 1
Becoming Your Best Self Is a place to be inspired by the person you were born to be. Filled with real and raw stories embodying the journey to love yourself, your life, and a career that aligns with your passions. Get inspired, develop better habits, mindsets, and learn tips & tricks to be a better you. 1
The Superlative The rendezvous of mentors, mentees, and mates. And a place for laughter and learning. Contact us at and become a part of our community. 1
Üna-lign Üna-lign seeks to bring together like-minded individuals who are focused on self-improvement. Our goal is to share the processes that we have found beneficial for us in order to help you come into your own personal alignment. ​ Learn More @ 0
The Groovy List The Groovy List is a weekly newsletter dedicated to sharing stories that get us excited about humanity. Topics include: Art, Fashion, Design, Kindness, Spirituality, Health and Wellness and much more. 0
Kinesthetic Edge For the reader who wants to ease pain, improve focus, and cultivate the habit of mindfulness through mind body practices. 0
TripleZest Insightful information about how you can achieve a healthy and sustainable balance between your body, mind, and soul while being productive, successful and satisfied in life 0
Mindful Humans Mindfulness and meditation for the modern world. 0
AlmostBuddha This publication is created with a sole intention to share unaltered knowledge on subjects such as cosmos, politics as well as social issues and its solutions 0
Japan In Mind Tackling everything from philosophical questions to lifestyle to political issues, we think about the world around us today, from a perspective enlightened with Japanese traditional and modern culture. 0
Upward Spiral The ups, downs, and come-back-around's of building mental wealth. 0
Keziah’s Voice Tales of all valuable lessons learnt and vigilantly watched. Sharing my thoughts on social and political issues, share yours with me too! 0