Publications tagged `MINDFULNESS`
Name Followers
The Book Thieves We are stealing great ideas from books to implement them in our life. 32
Mindfulness Matters Weave mindfulness into your life to achieve the zen you’re looking for in a chaotic world. 32
The Honest Perspective Publishing articles on all aspects of daily life that can offer a new perspective born from personal experience and honest reflection. A place to be seen and heard as our true selves and empower & inspire others. 32
Atha Yogānuśāsanam Thoughts on Yoga, in the broadest sense of that term 28
Finllect Making financial literacy accessible to all. 28
tosspot alternative perspectives 26
Mind and Life Stories inspired by ideas for mindful living and thriving in our changing world. 25
The Attention Game Exploring ways to create a compelling personal vision and the tactics to achieve it. 19
Daily Life Lessons and Meditations Daily lessons and meditation insights that help me remember how to live my best life. Hopefully this helps others too. I often forget things that help me stay calm and grounded. These articles will help remind me. If you find this helpful too, then follow along! 19
Mindful Life Perspectives and information on spirituality, holistic health, mindfulness, and life in general. 18
A Love-Centered Life Musings that connect you with the Love within you 17
Inspiration Realm This world needs more inspiration. This publication was created to bring inspiring stories and content to help individuals cultivate personal growth and development as they become better people. 17
Life on Your Terms. Stories of life and getting through it. 16
The View Voice your authenticity. Imperfections are cool. We should romanticize them more. 16
Work Mindfully Come learn about how you can work mindfully to achieve a greater output, reclaim your time, and enjoy all that you do. 16