Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Moonshot-Internet Moonshot-Internet is an Insurtech which develops usage-based insurance products and services dedicated to E-Commerce. 25 The science, tech and people behind Cambridge Cancer Genomics 24
GeekForge.Academy Learn from Innovation Hackers 24
Alphalogic Techsys Limited Fresh content related to technology, mobile app and Web App development, SaaS, Startup Strategy and Design 23
Tech Startups and Challenges When creating or joining a new tech startup — reach for the stars, but be ready to work harder than ever before to get there! 23
Oddup Oddup is a global leader in startup, investment, and ICO insights and analysis. 23
4thly We provide consulting services to entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. 22
WhaleAcademy We assist and invest in blockchain enabled projects 21
BrewBroker No Barriers Between You and Your Brew 21
planes London based Javascript studio — we build cool things with cool people 18
Plum Relish Plum Relish 18
HAX_co The Global Hardware Startups Success Engine. Learn more at 17
Tiwari Ji Venture Partner at Astarc Ventures| Ex. Kstart & Kalaari | Product/BD Guy, Intermediate Cyclist, D4 Chess Player, Grade4 Guitarist, Salsa Instructor, Pro Badminton,Failed Entrepreneur 17
WeGroup We #insure the future 16
The Intelligent Sports Wagerer. Identifying value by comparing historical cover rates and fundamental odds to the market. 14