Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Brian Grey Writings that matter (to me). 37
MattePaint A blog about the development of - and image resource for Artists 36
Pathfinder Invention is key. 34
Wildcat - A POV Wildcat partners with entrepreneurs leveraging key technologies such as Machine Learning/AI, IoT, and Cloud & Mobility in the following markets: Consumer Platforms, Digital Health, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, and FinTech. 34
Dominic St-Pierre After 15 years of corporate development, In 2015 I finally returned to Linux, open source and freedom. 33
Cityblock Health Building better care for healthier neighborhoods. 33
WHAT THE FI. BY POWEREDLOCAL If you're the kind of business that likes to have full control over marketing - to absolutelty anyone who walks through your door - then PoweredLocal is for you… 30
Disciplined Entrepreneurship Disciplined Entrepreneurship is an intensive process, created by Bill Aulet, that shows how innovation-driven entrepreneurship can be broken down into discreet behaviors and processes which can be taught in just 24 steps. 28
ROI Overload Talking Business Development, Marketing and Growth Hacking in niche technology verticals. 27
Back and Forth Every week, Kuan writes about life, travel, meditation, design and stories you inspire her to tell. She is building @ftwretreat, and has previously led design at CockroachDB, Etsy, Grand St, Washington Post, and Objective Subject. 27
Getir We like to write about things we think are cool, related to our business of course. 24
LogMeIn Engineering A place for LogMeIn developers to share knowledge 24
Building Aasaanjobs Stories from tech & design team at Aasaanjobs | 24
Alphalogic Techsys Limited Fresh content related to technology, mobile app and Web App development, SaaS, Startup Strategy and Design 23
Tech Startups and Challenges When creating or joining a new tech startup — reach for the stars, but be ready to work harder than ever before to get there! 23