Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Blog de Capsens CapSens est une agence spécialisée dans le développement de solutions fintech. Nous aimons les startups, la méthodologie scrum, le ruby et le react. 44
Blog | is a fully compliant digital asset marketplace built on blockchain technology that serves as a distribution and investment platform for private equity, venture capital, co-investments, direct deals and real estate financial products. 44
Brian Grey Writings that matter (to me). 40
Cityblock Health Building better care for healthier neighborhoods. 39
Silicon Roundabout Hub All about startups, technology, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and tech community growth in the UK and Europe 39
Pathfinder Invention is key. 37
Humanity Sparks A publication with research into venture capital and its interconnection with the future of humanity in a technologically advanced world. Always on the lookout for technological, cultural and business trends that underline new venture opportunities. 33
Dominic St-Pierre After 15 years of corporate development, In 2015 I finally returned to Linux, open source and freedom. 33
WHAT THE FI. BY POWEREDLOCAL If you're the kind of business that likes to have full control over marketing - to absolutelty anyone who walks through your door - then PoweredLocal is for you… 33
Lessons From Startup CEOs Learnings from coaching Series A and B founder and CEOs, investing in 50 startups, sitting on 19 company boards, and taking walks in the park with founders. By Tim Jackson, VC investor and CEO coach 33
Overture Overture is a computer vision platform that saves data scientists weeks in development. We offer an end-to-end pipeline for cutting-edge computer vision algorithms which takes care of data input, training, deployment, and actionable analytics. Models can be compared in their pe 32
BETA BOOM Insights for first-time tech founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. 32
Steve Glaveski Entrepreneur. Author. Podcast host. Metalhead. Wannabe Surfer. 31
Expload A Development and Digital Distribution Platform for Decentralised Games 29
ROI Overload Talking Business Development, Marketing and Growth Hacking in niche technology verticals. 29