Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Criptext Quite possibly the most private email service ever. 97
Practice Product Learn product management 96
Steve Glaveski Entrepreneur. Author. Podcast host. Metalhead. Wannabe Surfer. 96
QueryPie The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey 92
SwingDev Insights We've already made over 80 products for startups. We've gained valuable knowledge and experience… Now it's time to share it! 87
Wolfpack Digital Stories, insights and ideas to help you build powerful web and mobile apps. 86
Tanda Product Team Building the world’s #1 Workforce Success platform 85
failedfounder Lessons From A Failed Founder is a series of blog posts by a thirty-something entrepreneur who made all the mistakes in the big startup playbook, and then some. 83 The best from Design, Tech and Business for all things Startup. You’ll love it… 82
Tooso Articles, thoughts and updates from Tooso, a software company pioneering AI-based search 80
BETA BOOM Insights for first-time tech founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. 80
Blockchain Circle Germany's network of blockchain professionals: 79
GAN Community A highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors. 77
Shipsy Blog | Data Driven Logistics Shipsy is an interactive SaaS based software suite that increases visibility and improve operations logistics using scalable predictive analytics algorithms. Follow our blog for insights on Logistics, eCommerce, Predictive Analytics and more 77
Pipedrive Developers Stories from the developers at Pipedrive and developers who work with Pipedrive 75