Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Live Your Best Life A collection of words and ideas to help you live your best life. By @jerlinhuang. 8
One Chronicle Exploring the big picture (all puns intended) 8
onbionic At Bionic, we seed + launch startups that discover and solve new customer problems for the world’s most competitive companies. 7
CashPositive Perspectives and insights from 7
Truncated Knowledge Made Simple. A look at everything from emerging technology to startups and token economies. Website coming soon. 7
Understanding Money Finding clarity on money, finance and wealth 7
Addictive Learning Making good stuff addictive using cognitive psychology and neuroscience. 6
Kyron Baxter Lifelong geek. Professional Apple fanboy. 6
VSNRY Sharing insights, strategy and digital execution to help visionary businesses grow. Brought to you by 6
Seedrs Academy Tips, advice and resources to help you grow your startup and successfully fundraise. 6
Outcomes HQ We’re building the operating system for outcomes driven organizations. 5
Peacebeam Peacebeam - meditation for busy people. 🌻 Offering short audios to get you out of your headspace and into your heartspace, we are a facilitator for kindness. 🌍✌️ 5
headwayio Insights and perspectives to help you navigate the ever changing seas of product strategy, design, and development. 4
Hamad’s Tech Blog Technology, Trends & Investments 4
DTB Carbyne Tech builders — focused on Africa @ 4