Publications tagged `STARTUP`
Name Followers
Planogy Planogy provides designers an intuitive medium to get feedback from engineers and other stakeholders. 21
Aeturnum Aeturnum is a software services organization based in Boston, USA 21
FoundersLane We are serial tech entrepreneurs with a track record of creating high value digital business to accelerate corporates’ ability to compete in the digital economy. 21
Fundsquire A blog about scaling, growing and getting to the next level 20
Pi Labs Notes Pi Labs is Europe’s first Venture Captial firm investing in early-stage proptech, because we believe in ground-breaking ideas and entrepreneurs that will improve the world in which we live. Our vision is to invest, mentor and accelerate high-calibre proptech start-ups. 20
Cansbridge Fellowship Lessons from tomorrow’s global leaders 20
The Weekend Entrepreneur Articles from our community of part-time entrepreneurs. 19
Sawyer: Childhood Development Thoughts, ideas, and solutions from the engineers, designers, and data scientists of Sawyer. 19
HAX_co The Global Hardware Startups Success Engine. Learn more at 18
Manolin Digital health management for aquaculture 18
Work That Matters — A Publication Stories about the future of work, organizations, and generally being awesome 17
Sortlist Engineering Sortlist Product, Engineering & Data Science 17
OTL Ventures OTL Ventures: Product Team For Hire 17
Dialogue Take care of your team with conversations that matter. 17
GoFable GoFable is a content marketing startup that uses non-standard approach to deliver the best results to its clients. 17