Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Outcomes HQ We’re building the operating system for outcomes driven organizations. 5
Peacebeam Peacebeam - meditation for busy people. 🌻 Offering short audios to get you out of your headspace and into your heartspace, we are a facilitator for kindness. 🌍✌️ 5
headwayio Insights and perspectives to help you navigate the ever changing seas of product strategy, design, and development. 4
tomorrow++ It is time we started thinking beyond tomorrow… 4
Hamad’s Tech Blog Technology, Trends & Investments 4
CIEE Entrepreneur Lab Get ahead with our six week international crash courses in London & Berlin 4
Why There’s Not a Single Cure for Cancer Advancements in cancer treatment are a collection of new technologies combined in the right ways to address each subset of cancer. 3
Accelerate Innovation Accelerate Innovation helps startups to large enterprises accelerate new customer-value realization in the business-to-business space. 3
DARTexon A Blockchain and AI technology consulting service company 3
BitSmiths BitSmiths is a software development agency with HQ in london and office in Romania. We build websites, web apps, and mobile apps with a focus on quality of servce ad quality of product. We’d like to share our views, whilst building this company, with the rest of the world. 3
The Founder’s Playbook Essential how-to guides for leaders determined to build companies that matter by founder coach, Todd Emaus. 3
Doing the Work Stories of a nonprofit, from the inside… 2
Untamed Potential Tips and advices for first time entrepreneurs 2
Collab Blog We’re in the business of employee engagement, leadership, and results. More than just HR, Collab is a Singapore-based startup helping businesses save 85–90% of their hidden costs from, low employee engagement, ineffective leadership, and mishires. 2
Koinological Koinological is the official Medium publication of the Koinology blog. We write about building, integrating and managing your online platform and presence. 2