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MarketFit @ Rho Raising venture funding for a start-up is hard. Here, we ask founders how they raised money for their company, step by step. MarketFit is the official blog of Rho Business Banking, the leading banking service for high growth start-ups. 12
Collab Blog We’re in the business of employee engagement, leadership, and results. More than just HR, Collab is a Singapore-based startup helping businesses save 85–90% of their hidden costs from, low employee engagement, ineffective leadership, and mishires. 11
Mental health & Entrepreneurship Being an entrepreneur is tough — a space to explore the effect on our mental health and to work out how to protect ourselves and our businesses 11
SmartHectar Stories about co-creation and innovation in agriculture, food & water. 10
Startup-Board Wie du ein Verwaltungsrats-Mandat in einem Startup überlebst 10
Live Your Best Life A collection of words and ideas to help you live your best life. By @jerlinhuang. 10
Beek Tech En este blog escribimos sobre las cosas más interesantes de programación y tecnología que estamos trabajando en Beek 10
iterationsMN iterations is a weekly life & technology publication from Minneapolis-St. Paul sponsored by Cloudburst, SBC — The entrepreneur’s choice for rapid software development: 9
DARTexon A Blockchain and AI technology consulting service company 9
unified-engineering Engineers and data scientists building the next generation of tools for social media marketing analytics. 9
One Chronicle Exploring the big picture (all puns intended) 9
Dorm Room Fund Venture capital, scaling a business, and more by students. 9
CashPositive Perspectives and insights from 8
Truncated Knowledge Made Simple. A look at everything from emerging technology to startups and token economies. Website coming soon. 8
Side by Side: Together Made Possible A community of thought leaders exploring topics that are redefining the way we work. 8