Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Glidewell UX Designing the internal applications and customer-facing web apps at Glidewell Dental 3
Talking Art and Health This publication is where we, our collaborators, and partners collect and share knowledge on the intersection between design, art, and health. 3
Persuasive and Emotional Design How and when does a design begin to become persuasive — can we use this understanding to build engaging artefacts that put emotional and persuasive design to some ‘good use’ rather than just ‘sell the next product’? 2
Rotate The blog of Digital agency Rotate° 2
Notes by Workhorse From the desk of Workhorse 2
Design Aficionado people, objects, ideas 2
stabassam Sharing my experiences with design and technology 2
The Future of Workplace Learning Learning in the workplace is undergoing a radical change from many factors: AI, Big Data, Adaptive technologies, VR/AR/XR, Internet of Things, and more. Here, we discuss how these intersect with business impacts, innovation, design, pedagogy, and marketing. 2
JMS Editorial JMS Editorial is a digital publication brought to you by John McNeil Studio, from the wilds of Berkeley, California. Learn more about how we could work together at 2
Lexicon Design Lexicon Design’s Thoughts and Stories 2
Digital Products: Houston A knowledge repository for the Accenture Digital Products design team in Houston TX 2
Creative Cognition Making creativity accessible for all one thought at a time 2
Shadow Creative Studios We are the anti-agency. Based in Southern California, we provide the ultimate launchpad for dynamic brands. Launch your idea. Faster. 2
Making Design Personal You design better when you make design personal. Let’s talk all things design, and share our individual experiences for a more introspective collaborative community. 2
Hyphae Design Laboratory Hyphae Design Laboratory works at the intersection of health, ecology and the built environment 2