Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Kallax Books Publisher. Books fit for Kallax shelves. Lo-Fi Home Cookery. Design. Music. 0
Everyday Chemistry The Medium home for Everyday Chemistry Publishing brought to you by General Mathematics design studio (Manchester, UK). Documenting and discussing design culture in broad terms and across media from print to digital to recipe book and sound design. 0
Design Team Insights Our Design thoughts and success stories. 0
JSS Publication A life style company located in Beijing. Providing services for many cities. 0
QWNTO Through the light-hearted lens 0
On experience Leading UX 0
Finiam Improving people’s lives by untangling the financial world. 0
Mario Di Giorgio / Design Portfolio A collection of works, thoughts and experiences as a Designer 0
Design + Ethical decsion making Design + ethics is intended to host a conversation around ethical conflicts, applied ethics (such as AI and ethics), and propose new lenses by which to think about ethics. In order promote ethical decsion making, 0
Parallel Lines Ideas about visual design for social, cultural and environmental impact 0
Full-Stack Architecture Full-stack Architecting is a publication that considers how architectural and design decisions affect the entire stack. 0
Innovating Resourcefully Innovation is built on the foundation laid by others. Innovating Resourcefully focuses on supporting innovation, sharing knowledge, and providing support, to help us all focus on the truly new and novel. 0
Diving Into Design My name is Leigh and I’m a self-taught designer looking to formalize my design education. 0
LA Blueprint LA Blueprint is a organization at UCLA that strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who assist communities and promote public welfare. 0