Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Dan V Design Co. A Freelance brand design and website development company working with creatives and business owners so that they can focus on their passion, not a brand  — 1
Master Your Website Take control of your website and increase conversions. 1
Future Human by Design: Philosophy of Design On the premise that 20th century design concepts that focus on humancentrism, colonisation, and neoliberal agendas are too constrictive for what is needed in the chaotic entwined realities of the 21st century. We will explore philosophic ideas from a design oriented framing. 1
Manual Labor Manual Labor is a marketing and creative studio that bridges our customers’ stories to the targets that matter most. A female-owned company, Manual Labor was started to help companies of all sizes connect the dots through great creative, words, execution and orchestration. 1
Comida For Familias, Inc. Comida For Famlias, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) scientific research organization that supervises volunteers and skilled individuals to accomplish charitable purposes. Goal: Use tech to empower people to find food and resources within their community. 1
NelStudio Walkthrough on musical scoring, digital audio, art design, etc 1
Design Buddies Hey Bunnies! This is Design Buddies’ Medium blog, with curated blog posts from our content creators as well as members of the community. Enjoy! 1
mohessaid My official blog where I write about technologies and stuff! 1
Octet Design Studio Read about our curated stories about user experience designing, user interface designing, and digital experiences. 1
Product Thinker Tank Product Thinker Tank is a publication focused on enabling both product centric indivuals and businesses to succeed in the modern world 1
Adam Andreason Coding for sites and a guy who writes: a web-dev portfolio 1
Design at Zuru Tech Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX 1
Airspace Design We share our big ideas, hypotheses, failures and successes as we aim to create the world’s most transparent shipping experience. 1
LA Blueprint LA Blueprint is a organization at UCLA that strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who assist communities and promote public welfare. 1
Design Aware We write for freelancers, agencies, and brand creators about UI/UX design trends and working as a creative. Our goal: help you find inspiration and stay on top of your industry. Our editorial team is also behind, the 1st editor for apps & websites. 1