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Innovating Resourcefully Innovation is built on the foundation laid by others. Innovating Resourcefully focuses on supporting innovation, sharing knowledge, and providing support, to help us all focus on the truly new and novel. 0
LA Blueprint LA Blueprint is a organization at UCLA that strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who assist communities and promote public welfare. 0
Long Pressed Welcome to Long Pressed, a publication where I explore the design and decision making challenges of modern business. Each week we highlight and discuss patterns that I’ve published on 0
Masterpieces In Progress Best encapsulated by Sophia Bush’s quote, “We are allowed to be masterpieces and works in progress simultaneously”, Works In Progress is all about staying in constant improvement, cultivating a growth mindset, and staying passionate about the projects that matter most. 0
INVO INVO is a software development company based in Poland. Get the best insights into design, development, project management and scaling businesses from our team on Medium. 0