Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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A Designer’s Diary My name is Leigh and I’m a self-taught designer looking to formalize my design education. 2
Filmify We are 5 student designers and developers at Northeastern University who love film, care about diversity, and want to drive change in the film industry. This is our design and development process behind Filmify. 2
vedcraft The idea behind Vedcraft: Ved (sanskrit meaning knowledge) and as combined with “Craft” puts the knowledge into action. Sharing practical knowledge is the vision of this platform. Read more about us at 2
Makers Monday A collection of our favourite UK based makers. 1
These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
Sometimes I Write About Stuff A collection of things I want to write about, from travel to design to learning how to live life better. 1
404 the Record A GeoCity slicker teaching the web about the web. 1
CromeKohlr: random news on technology, innovation and design For woandering minds seeking discovery 1
Darby Design Co. A collection of design articles written by Lucy Darby. Weekly stories are also available on my personal website • Thank you so much for reading! 1
complexity surfers Liberating superpowers to shape organisations’ future. 1
Sprint Digital Empowering Businesses Through Technology 1
newmonday We are a design and prototype studio. We write about creativity, pragmatism and how to make the boat go faster. 1
Design In Progress In this blog, I will discuss design as I learn about the intricacies and fundamentals of design. I will also be reflecting on my experiences on teaching when relevant. :-) 1
Vokal Voices We help the world’s best brands research, design, and build digital experiences for the modern world. 1
SetDesign We help 1st-time & non-technical founders design their pixel-perfect prototype *before* writing a line of code. Here you’ll find templates, guides, & general product design musings. 1