Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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Apla Driving organizational evolution with an innovative blockchain platform 306
Cryptoweek A community sourced content platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain. 305
AZTEC Protocol Private transaction network on Ethereum. Email:, Discord:, Telegram: 303
Linum Labs Blog At Linum Labs, we are a global team of developers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, building decentralized systems in healthcare and identity. 301
Upstate Interactive We're a women-owned business that helps B2B organizations turn great ideas into software. 301
CodeChain Programmable multi-asset chain 300
innogy Innovation Hub The innogy Innovation Hub drives game-changing ideas that can revolutionise an existing business model or industry permanently. We are actively looking to invest in start-ups that have already demonstrated their value in the market and have the potential for exponential growth. 298
Carbon Grid Protocol The digital gateway to a carbon neutral world. Join us to help offset the carbon footprint of the rising blockchain-enabled world. 292
BlockScience The Scientific Method & Robust Engineering Design applied to Complex Systems 279
Aclyd THE ACLYD PROJECT: A Blockchain Based Identity Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing Platform. 276
The Witnet Foundation Blog A P2P protocol that connects smart contracts to the real world #DontTrustTheMessenger 276
Figment Networks Updates and Content from Figment Networks 258
R3 Publication R3 Edit profile R3 is an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 firms across multiple industries. 252 (Open API Platform) Fintech start-up creating an open API platform 246
Zerion Zerion is a building a trustless bank for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on top of 0x, Uniswap, Kyber, Compound, MakerDao, and others. 245