Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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Law of Cryptocurrency Summaries of legal opinions about bitcoin, virtual currencies and blockchain technology 205
ORMEUS ECOSYSTEM Designed to create a ‘business first’ approach to global currency and digital life, Ormeus Ecosystem is creating a ground-breaking “Internet of Business Assets”. Businesses in the network are categorized into ‘side-chains’ — and catapulted into the blockchain age. 197
ZenGo A new crypto wallet. Simply Secure. by KZen 197
Monet.Network Open-source infrastructure for distributed mobile peer-to-peer applications 194
Argentas As a powerful second generation blockchain project, Argentas helps to build new open global financial system. The Argentas ecosystem will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain, network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized application economy. 190
Pluto Network Breaking down barriers in Academia | #Decentralization #OpenScience #Transparency | Seoul, South Korea 188
Statebox Statebox is building a visual, formally verified process language that prevents errors, allows composability and ensures termination. Find out more at 186
Zerion Blog Zerion is a building a trustless bank for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on top of 0x, Uniswap, Kyber, Compound, MakerDao, and others. 184
Alpine Intel Building the blueprints for new digital economies. 181
London Blockchain Labs London Blockchain Labs (LBL) is the UK's largest Blockchain student hub, with a community of 3000+, currently based at UCL, LSE, LBS and Imperial College London 181
Mind AI Mind AI is an artificial intelligence engine that is capable of human-like reasoning and general knowledge. Mind AI is the pioneer of the Third Wave of AI, with a mission to democratize and distribute the power of AI. 180
Paxos Paxos is on a mission to modernize finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet. 177
Zastrin Learn blockchain programming building real-world projects #buidl 172
tokenfoundry The global platform for well-structured tokens and token-powered networks. 167
PlayDapp Meta-Blockchain Game Platform 165