Publications tagged `WRITING`
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Restless Musings Reflection on the mysteries of mindful contemplation entwined in fanciful persuasion! 23
Creatives And Copycats A place for writers to share what they created from within and copied from their surroundings. All forms of writing are accepted, as long as it comes from an honest place. 23
Writing Hacks Tips and tricks for writing success 23
Dreamnoir Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo da Vinci 22
Sugoi Made A publication dedicated to creatives, freelancers, content creators, & digital marketers. 21
Le Jardin Poetry My poetry. Your poetry. The best modern poetry. Send in your poetry to appear. 21
Haiku Corner A resource for those who enjoy reading and writing Haiku poetry. 21
A Writer’s Rites Exploring the rites of writing, a little poetry, and everything that falls between. 21
Echoes of the Soul Poetry and other writing by Heather Ann 20
Mama Write Be a Mama and a Writer 20
SWB Dallas Storytellers Without Borders is a Dallas Public Library initiative, in collaboration with The Dallas Morning News, which transforms high school students into community journalists using 21st century library resources. 19
The Coastline is Quiet A personal blog for my thoughts on music, video games, books, podcasts, history, and anything else I feel motivated to share. 19
What Doesn’t Kill You Life is a test, the only way to pass it is to just keep trying. 19
Mad On Writing Writing Advice, Writing Struggles, and Writing Diaries from Madeline Dyer 18
Writer’s Way tips and tricks for creative people 18