Publications tagged `WRITING`
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danonwriting Learning what a story is, one misplaced character motivation at a time 5
Offbeat Poetry All things poetry, just a little offbeat. Explore epic forms of literary arts, like redacted poetry, pick up some writing tips and creativity hacks, and learn about books and resources to help you find the “write” words and add to your writer’s toolkit. Cheers to creativity! 5
Unfiltered by E.B. Johnson The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in-between. The catch all for my writing — and then some. 4
The full time writer For all those who have the dream to make a living from writing and for those who have already achieved it. 4
A Light-Filled Space Casting a light on the work of amazing writers, thinkers, artists, musicians, makers, photographers, philosophers, activists and more. 4
between pages Sometimes when you finish a book, you need a shelf for the thoughts that won’t leave your head. 4
Getting Heated: Argument in the Anthropocene A Collection of Environmental Arguments from the Students of Oregon State University’s WR 222 Course 4
The Bedfordbury Chronicle Weekly serials (literature) and editorials. 4
Immersive Worldbuilding Learning how to build immersive fantasy worlds for novels and roleplaying games 4
The Writing Haven A quiet place in which one can relax and write. 3
Blog. Write.Heal Blogging our way through life and healing from what ails our souls. 2
Ellie Writes Things Writer. Traveller. Reader. 2
Save as Draft Writing about my writing process. 2
I May Be Happy A Personal Blog with essays, fiction and photography 2
Im.Press.Ions A collection of writings based on the impressions, experiences, impacts, and imprints of other authors, artists, activists, dreamers, and (sometimes) events. 2