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Minor Clash Poetry, Short Stories, and Other Musings 11
Hawthorne Crow Tales, rants, observations — blog of Jim Dee, long-haired smart ass, self-employed web developer, hyper-creative writer, musician, renaissance man, defiant, prone to philosophization, as-always a pyro, ever-frustrated cat owner, free agent, bandanna wearer. 11
Land of Limericks A place for Limerick poems on Medium 10
cold brew code My Programming Expeditions 10
Everyday Joys Time changes all things, and that’s beautiful. Appreciating the changes is what reminds us that life goes on. 10
Live Your Best Life A collection of words and ideas to help you live your best life. By @jerlinhuang. 10
Repossible There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours. 10
This Writer’s Life Meaghan Ward’s Take on the Writing Life 10
Central Coast Writers Conference Explore the Central Coast and stay for the Best in the West and nationally known, Central Coast Writer’s conference. Take Master Classes with authors who pen some of your favorite novels and hit TV shows. Create your next chapter and evolve that writer within you. 9
writing thinking saying poetic philosophy by michael boyce 9
Confessions of a Storyteller At Confessions of a Storyteller, I bring together my ideas, inspiration and learning from the world of stories and storytelling. 9
The Idealist Making the best out of our lives. One day at a time. 9
The Scrawl Words and their Wielders - a multi-literary e-zine 9
Fab-ulous Writing Adventures A collection of essays and musings from my writing experience and journey to make it as a multi-talented business owner and a part-time writer 9
On Creation Living a life as a creative, one strange inspiration at a time 8