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Gliddon's Blog Personal editorial musings about everything from product design and storytelling to gaming and other stuff. 17
The Backstages of Writing Writers on Writing 17
Making Make Believe Great stories can change the world. Join us as we dive into the world of human behaviour and storytelling. 16
The Last Word Books That Matter | Authors in Conversation 16
Poetry & Politics ‘Over-reading’ words by the unacknowledged legislators of the world 16
Make it Red Reviews, artists’ profiles, online exhibitions + lots more writing about art and design. 16
Indie Writers Co-Op A Place For Independent Writers To Feature Their Writing 15
Writing Matters Insights on how to build a writing practice, develop your voice, get published, and connect with others through your writing 14
ForwardMotion Stories about the forward motion of life and other writing journeys. 14
Aroundabout Travel, work, and life in your own roundabout way. 14
Vixe Collective Actionable tips to help freelancers and small business owners thrive. 14
Unfiltered by E.B. Johnson The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in-between. The catch all for my writing — and then some. 13
The Mindful Writer Writing is about showing up: on the page and in your life. 13
The Last Samizdat Fiction, truth, and the stories in between. 12
The Cabbage Garden As a child I was addressed as “mon petit chou”, so I’ve always felt favorably towards cabbage. 12