Publications tagged `LIFE LESSONS`
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Mindfulness Musings Focusing on mindfulness and it’s impact on life, the universe, and everything. 4
Alt-Mirror Severely Mentally Ill Life in Middle Age 4
The RainbOw Perspective Opening minds to a rainbow of perspectives — it’s the only way to change the world. 4
Chasing Stardust Ramblings of a human, being. 4
Quotabl Book reviews that lets great books speak for themselves. 4
The Float The Float is home to a variety of essays and observations about writing, life, comedy, parenting and socializing. 4
Metaphorically Speaking Metaphor is the language of the unconscious mind. This is a collection of stories that speak to a deeper level. Fiction or non-fiction, its storytelling that leaves an impact. 4
Mind Muse Mind musings that combine strategy, leadership, and well-being to unlock growth with purpose and fulfillment 4
The Selfism Self | Behavioural Economics | Psychology | Finance | Productivity | Careers 4
Boomer: Unfiltered “I Ain’t No Grandma!” Observations of a Still-young Baby Boomer 4
The Salamander A new home for creative nonfiction, personal essays and the occasional poem, The Salamander is here to plumb the recess of our experience and give light to disparate meaning. Mine your shadows for riches you can share with others. Join us on this journey. 4
Vox Virtus The voice of the brave 4
Those Old White Folks Exploring Race Relations, Aging, & Life Lessons 4
This Is Becca Lessons about life and things I’m passionate about; education, reading, travel, sustainability, mental health, theatre 4
Let’s Be Happy A publication share secrets of being positive, happy, rich, healthy,and more 4