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Sincerely, Dear Writer, some things need to be said. Realities of this world that tug at your heart and you don’t know quite how to string the words together. Start by writing a letter; it might help us all heal. Sincerely, a publication that wants people to feel seen and heard 0
Meta Life My personal blog (for now) 0
Lunar Wanderings Combining astrological elements with Human Design as a tool for self-reflection through journal prompts to deepen your self-awareness. 0
Munazhe’s Theory Tips, advice, philosophy; most of all, humor packed lessons on what I’ve learned as a blackman in 21st century. 0
Happiness Above Happiness Above is a magazine where we share happy experiences, life hacks and many more things related to life 0
My♗Reality Check Our world is filled with daydreamers and hope givers, I am here to remind everyone the reality of the world by removing all the filters set by society and media. 0
Kelly Brito I'm a branding professional, doing business online for over 15 years. Here is where I share my current views on life and some bs entrepreneurial trends I've been noticing lately. 0
Letters to Nowhere All and any of my thoughts and views. I’m here to express the truest version of myself. 0
Business Mind Cafe Relevant if you are a round pegs in the square hole. Knowledge is power, so is common sense! 0
My Grief Ages, Too They say there are ten stages to grief. I say ten’s too convenient of a number, and there’s nothing convenient about a dead mother. -1