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Optim Welcome to Optim, the reader-first publication designed to save you time. Our mission is to challenge traditional long-form blogging through sharing straight-to-the-point tips for interested readers.If you’re interested in improving yourself, then this is the place for you. 1
Mellow Tide A world-wide community sharing their thoughts and perceptions of life and all its currents. 1
SetDesign We help 1st-time & non-technical founders design their pixel-perfect prototype *before* writing a line of code. Here you’ll find templates, guides, & general product design musings. 1
Living Inside Out Inside Out is a space for sharing stories and wisdom about starting from within to create a life in alignment with who we are and who we want to be. 1
Exploding Zen Psychology. Satire. Questionable advice. 1
The Hoosier Hornet This publication features the stories of this I.U. alum, who grew up as a a Rossville Hornet, experienced the pitfalls and rewards of college life and the satisfaction of a successful career in education. 1
Being a Polymath Productivity, Meta-Learning and Life. We learn how to learn and live life at its maximum potential 1
Truth Has Wings A space for those uncomfortable stories nobody wants to tell or hear. They are like little seeds, and here they will find fertile soil in which to be planted and grow into beautiful plants. Maybe poisonous, but beautiful nevertheless. 1
Bittersweetie Our stories are bittersweet, but this is the magic of life 1
The Cranium Compendium A community of MPP writers sharing tips, stories, and all things Medium. Also, a publication for writers to publish articles that can’t find a home elsewhere. Join the compendium today and contribute to the growing database of knowledge. 1
Ensemble Of Writing From mental health, coffee, and motherhood, these stories will discuss everything in between. 1
The Hidden Hutch In this publication we will dive into things that can be used to improve yourself and your life. Come along and we can learn together! 1
Paradox of Reality Relationships, Phantoms, Truth and Lies 1
Apropos of Something A publication for people with something to say. 1
Down to the Bone An introspective look at life from someone with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 0