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Life with Southern Spice Sharing stories of life on the Southern Coast that will make you laugh, cry and crave sweet tea. 0
Let’s Get Honest Honest articles from theheart and soul 0
The Cheese Plate Nonsensical Satire and My Other Musings. Best enjoyed with wine. 0
Just a Minute of Just a Minute of motivation, self-improvement, life lessons, and love. Short articles for those looking for a quick Medium fix. Best read on the go, or standing completely still — whatever takes your fancy. 0
Don’t Overthink It Don’t overthink it. 0
The Rose Compass Spiritual Teachings for a Heart-Centered World 0
Life Line We’re here to make life better! Get the most out of life with our helpful tips, advice, and answers. 0
Re-Made Life skills via the brightest minds & top media brands, found in the Re-Made library ( 0
My Front Porch Thoughts on farming, fishing, writing, and living the rural life. 0
Mindful Humans Mindfulness and meditation for the modern world. 0
The Road To Glory Where experience is forged into lessons of self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. 0
نبض — Pulse. Welcome to the Pulse ! A platform where we publish stories on what it means to be a human with a beating heart — alive 0
Ideas at Work A publication to share ideas about life, work, success and self-improvement 0
Prone A lifestyle publication for those that will inadvertently become strippers, along with those poor souls that will inevitably have to clean a grown man’s shit from their kitchen floor. Hey, it could happen to you. 0
Liberated Living Exploring the freedom that comes from within 0