Publications tagged `PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT`
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Dismantling A Paradigm Paradigms govern your inner life. These paradigms determine your understanding about the nature of reality and your place in it. You can dismantle your paradigms using subconscious mind reprogramming, and this publication is here to help you do it. 2
Rachella's Morning Fuel Coffee chat style writings for encouragement and inspiration. Topics include happiness, self improvement, self love and simplicity. 2
Everyday Psychology by Lucia Grosaru Personal Development. Actionable Recommendations. Critical Thinking. Assertive Communication. 2
Redefining Success- The publication Redefining success on your terms- careers, business, self development, work-life balance. 2
After Church Exploring how to live our best lives according to scriptures and not limited to religions 2
Stephanie’s Spot A glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of a transgender woman during transition. Author and entrepreneur. Former engineering professor. Interested in philosophy, stoicism, personal development, and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Striving to continuously improve my life. 2
Letters of Lessons Learned Letters to self. Letters to others. Letters to people you may not yet know and may no longer know. This publication is intended to share personal stories and advice for others, whether through short story, life lessons, lessons learned the hard way. 1
Everyday Grind Stories about personal development, finance and research. 1
The Responsible Adult Encourage & motivate others to live with purpose, joy, and passion. 1
OptimusMedica Stories and articles about health written from personal perspectives 1
Blushed The world through my eyes 1
My Tech Roadmap There is nothing absolutely right and absolutely wrong, all we have is something in between. 1
Untouchable Hours Posts on how to focus, maintain boundaries and stay productive. 1
Optim Welcome to Optim, the reader-first publication designed to save you time. Our mission is to challenge traditional long-form blogging through sharing straight-to-the-point tips for interested readers.If you’re interested in improving yourself, then this is the place for you. 1
Dendrites Satisfy your mind with awesome reads. 1