Publications tagged `PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT`
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Learn and Grow A platform for Tech and Personal-growth related articles. 12
Compound Interests Notes, lessons learned, and miscellaneous thoughts on engineering management, personal development, personal finance, life choices, and more. 12
Soul of Startups Build people to build your company. 12
Burning Platform As we grow older, our desires and ambitions evolve with our experiences. At the same time, the world is changing at a dizzying pace. At its heart, this publication is about overcoming fear, finding your passion, and then embracing and thriving with change. 12
A Soul Journey A space for my stories without another home. 12
Zone of Freedom Posts about how to live a life of freedom. Take action now to have a brighter tomorrow. 12
Medicine and Magic: Mind Mapping for Personal and Professional Development How do you find clarity? How do you find inspiration? Mind Mapping is a simple technique with profound, limitless possibility. Learn the benefits and essential applications of mind mapping for personal and professional development. 11
Praesta Insights Insight papers from Praesta Partners LLP, leaders in executive coaching, board development and leadership performance consulting 11
Men’s Reads Wisdom for men from credible sources 11
Personal Development Addict As a self-help nerd, I love reading and passing on my learnings about personal development. I cover a lot of aspects, including mental health, productivity and lifestyle. Sometimes I inject a bit of humour, as it can get a bit deep! 10
The Sequel You can’t choose your origin story. But you can create the sequel. Good. Better. Best 10
Leading Through Connection Redefining what compassion looks like for leaders. 10
Repossible There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours. 10
Women This Way Real Women. Real Stories. Navigation for Success. 10
The Optimist by Omar Itani Optimism is both, a philosophy and an attitude. It’s rooted partly in our imagination and partly in our interpretation. The Optimist serves as a reminder that the future can still be beautiful, even if we can’t imagine it to be so today. 10