Publications tagged `PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT`
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Untouchable Hours Posts on how to focus, maintain boundaries and stay productive. 1
Optim Welcome to Optim, the reader-first publication designed to save you time. Our mission is to challenge traditional long-form blogging through sharing straight-to-the-point tips for interested readers.If you’re interested in improving yourself, then this is the place for you. 1
Dendrites Satisfy your mind with awesome reads. 1
Create Safe Relationships Safe relationships are foundational for our ability to emerge as our full selves and thrive. Thus, the articles in this publication are devoted to identifying safe relational partners and tools for creating safe and boundaried relationships. 1
Diogenes Lounge Welcome to The Diogenes Lounge! It’s a place for quiet, thoughtful souls with profound questions…and even larger dreams. Transformational content lives here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (“Derek London”): 1
Underdog Champion A collection of poems, stories, and lessons learned from perpetual failure, and growth, as well as personal musings. 1
5 Minute Sweet Spot A sweet spot is the point on a bat, club, or racket that makes the most effective contact with the ball. It provides a maximum response for a certain amount of effort. That’s what we all want to find on Medium. The sweet spot for our stories. You have come to the right place. 1
Self Dev Toward a better self 1
Make Progress Learn how to be more productive and happy in life and work through value-based goal setting, building positive habits, and creating systems to make progress on what matters. 0
Dream Smaller Dream Smaller is an inspirational, non-fiction book that explores the intersection of personal development, professional development and community. If you’re already setting big goals or want to set the bar even higher — this book will guide you on the right path. #DreamSmaller 0
Biz Growth. Personal Growth. Growing a business and growing as a person go hand in hand. 0
The Road To Glory Where experience is forged into lessons of self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. 0
Veritas et Libertas A place for deep and thoughtful ideas for those who are intensely curious about themselves and the world. Primarily at the intersection of philosophy, literature, spirituality, and inner healing. But with some rambles into other subjects, for ultimately everything is connected. 0
Waste No More Productivity lifehacks to achieve extraordinary results at work. 0
The Mentor Strategies for mid-career growth in today’s corporate environment. 0