Publications tagged `PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT`
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The Highest Good The Highest Good delivers authentic perspectives on the things that matter: work; money; relationships; learning; art & culture, and everyday life. 3
Real Talk with Ryan Sick of postmodernist philosophy, holier-than-thou politics, and bogus personal development? You’ve arrived at the right place. 3
Elevate Essays on personal growth, development, and leadership 2
TribeAndSeek How do we find our path to fulfilment? 2
The Coin Chronicles Stories about financial education, money and how to spend it wisely 2
weekly_acumen A dose of insight to improve your daily life 2
The Crisis Diaries Dispatches from the Land of Chaos, Disruption, and Unexpected Change 2
MojoMint Unique Life Stories and What They Teach Us About Connection 2
Musings & Madison A collection of stories about life, love, and what makes us human. 2
The ContraVersion Refresh your thinking. Ask questions. A publication for independent thinkers, by independent thinkers. 2
Be Better Bit-By-Bit “Be Better Bit-By-Bit” is a philosophy to make small improvements each day. Bit size improvements ultimately will snowball. Self-awareness, Mindfulness, and the “bit-by-bit” philosophy, that’s what this program believes in. 2
Email Refrigerator The Email Refrigerator is a monthly delivery of insights, art, and ideas from Jake Kahana. It’s written and curated to help make sense of ourselves and the world we live in. The fridge is the best place to get a snack and where the art is hung. And “newsletter” sounds like spam. 2
Mind Theory Ideas on personal growth, mental health, and mindfulness 2
The Review A publication of monthly, quarterly and annual reviews documenting journeys towards an ideal life. 2
Better Software Developer We cover code tutorials, leadership and management, productivity and coffee. 2