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Tiwari Ji Venture Partner at Astarc Ventures| Ex. Kstart & Kalaari | Product/BD Guy, Intermediate Cyclist, D4 Chess Player, Grade4 Guitarist, Salsa Instructor, Pro Badminton,Failed Entrepreneur 23
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Productive Thoughts Developing ideas on Critical thinking and logic. Passionate about how technology and productivity interact and influence ours lives. 22
The Content Connect “One piece of content can change your life.” 22
Project Slim Waistline Intertwining fitness, nutrition, and a powerful mindset to help you create a healthier lifestyle 22
Sugoi Made A publication dedicated to creatives, freelancers, content creators, & digital marketers. 21
Inspire & Improve Philosophies and ideas to help us become better people and live more fullfilling lives 21
Life Masterpiece Journal Structured and practical, Life Masterpiece Journal is your how-to guide for crafting a masterpiece of your life. | Write for us: | Follow our publication. 21
The Wisdom Project The Wisdom Project by J.W. Bertolotti. Articles on wisdom for modern life. Learn more at 21
Medpage Med-Page is a publication that contains medium stories about poetry, health, personal growth, personality development, business, and lifestyle. 20
ActiveState ActiveState is the Open Source Languages Company. We offer easy to install, precompiled, commercially-supported language distributions. Our language distributions include ActivePerl®, ActivePython®, ActiveTcl®, and ActiveGo™ (Coming Soon:ActiveRuby™, ActiveNode™, and ActiveLua™) 19
Gregory B. Sadler, Ph.D. The place I’ll be posting various philosophy-related things 19
Experience Magazine A magazine about the power of experience to open minds, change lives, and transform culture. Published by Northeastern University 18
From Stela A journalist sharing her thoughts on trending topics and wider matters of interest 18
Things Jay Writes I’m Jay Gerhart and sometimes I write about innovation, improv or other stuff. 17