Publications tagged `PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT`
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Inspire & Improve Philosophies and ideas to help us become better people and live more fullfilling lives 1
The Responsible Adult Encourage & motivate others to live with purpose, joy, and passion. 1
OptimusMedica Stories and articles about health written from personal perspectives 1
Blushed The world through my eyes 1
My Tech Roadmap There is nothing absolutely right and absolutely wrong, all we have is something in between. 1
Words for Writers If you’re a writer struggling with lousy habits, a ruthless inner critic, lack of time, or fear of starting/finishing/others reading your work/failure/etc., this is your place. Words for Writers offers tools, advice, & support to help you around, over and through those barriers! 1
Make Progress Learn how to be more productive and happy in life and work through value-based goal setting, building positive habits, and creating systems to make progress on what matters. 0
Dream Smaller Dream Smaller is an inspirational, non-fiction book that explores the intersection of personal development, professional development and community. If you’re already setting big goals or want to set the bar even higher — this book will guide you on the right path. #DreamSmaller 0
Biz Growth. Personal Growth. Growing a business and growing as a person go hand in hand. 0
To the Pxint To The Pxint is a Medium Publication which operates exactly as it is named — our articles are straight-forward and get to straight to the point of the topics we delve into. All things self-help, productivity, and entrepreneurship. 0