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ActiveState ActiveState is the Open Source Languages Company. We offer easy to install, precompiled, commercially-supported language distributions. Our language distributions include ActivePerl®, ActivePython®, ActiveTcl®, and ActiveGo™ (Coming Soon:ActiveRuby™, ActiveNode™, and ActiveLua™) 19
Experience Magazine A magazine about the power of experience to open minds, change lives, and transform culture. Published by Northeastern University 18
All Things Fashion With A Touch Of Fun The focus is on fashion and personal style through life journey and self-discovery 18
Things Jay Writes I’m Jay Gerhart and sometimes I write about innovation, improv or other stuff. 17
That Data Guy Just my thoughts and data explorations that I’ve decided other people can see! 17
The Harsh Magazine Balance career and writing, indulge your creative instincts, and grow together. 17
Founder Craft Redefining Success for Startups and Founding Teams 16
Dragon Heart A publication for stories by Oren Cohen. 15
Led 2 Win A place for people who recognize the power of words to motivate, inspire, and transform lives. 14
Are We Strangers Whether it’s wisdom acquired over the years, practical knowledge, harrowing personal stories, or relationship advice, everyone has something to offer. We all have something to learn from one another. 13
The Content Connect “One piece of content can change your life.” 13
INSPIRATION Select the follow button to receive an inspirational message every Monday. 13
10,000 Hours of Play Turn your life into an epic game! 12
Wondrously Dedicated to helping others embrace their full potential through insightful, relatable articles. 12
Advice to Younger Self An open space to communicate hard-won insights in life. Be it a single event or years of build-up, personal narratives allow us to learn something from everyone. 12