Publications tagged `DATA`
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BIGtoken The blockchain platform for consumers to own, verify, and sell their data. 1,649
On Human-Centric Systems Occasional musings on process, data, product and organizational design from the Sudden Compass team and collaborators. 1,643
The Making Of… a Data Scientist Welcome to “The Making of… a Data Scientist”. This is my personal blog with all I’ve been learning so far about this wonderful field! Hope you can get something useful for your path as well! 1,497
BLUEprint by Intuit Thoughts from Intuit on tech, data, design, and the culture that powers today's innovation. 1,023
Fishtown Analytics Helping venture-funded startups implement advanced analytics. 917
Openbridge All things data, big and small 764
Regen Network A blockchain network of ecological knowledge changing the economics of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming. Learn more: 693
Running with Data A collection of articles at the intersection between data science and endurance running. 666
Wish Engineering And Data Science Wish Engineering And Data Science Blog 589
Design and Tech.Co Ideas for the 21st Century Hustler. 491
The Technology Blog Public blog for the Technology team. 487
UrbanClap Engineering Team, Technology & Data Science behind UrbanClap 419
The Prefect Blog The Prefect data engineering platform. 391
The Algorithmic Society Bridging digital, human, operational realms 388
Blockdata A simpler way to do blockchain research. 378