Publications tagged `DATA`
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Data, Tech and The Universe I have a Podcast called— Data, Tech and The Universe. In this podcast I discuss the real-life manifestation of the data and technology around us. And a bit about Universe. Listen to the podcast at via any of your Podcast apps 11
Messy Data Exploring power + complexity + creativity in (feminist) data science 9
Cyberbabble Authoring creative content for digital denizens of our world. Cyberbabble brings about the intersection of tech, entertainment, life, and culture. 9
Enharmonic We publish thought-provoking stories and technical articles based on our work in AI and Graph technology at Enharmonic. 9
Humans of Data All the resources and inspiration data teams need to do their lives’ best work. 💙 8
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Impact Speaker Series Written primarily by law students based on talks given as part of the speaker series by the same name hosted by the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law 7
PayLead Sharing stories, ideas and team thoughts 7
Nexus Analytics AI-powered Personalization. Learn more at 6
The Greatest Evidence of Childhood Success is Not in the Data Increasing emphasis on data collection and quantifiable evidence of student growth and progress overlooks the importance of facilitating a true lifelong love of learning. 2
Numbers Numbers is a project which aims to bring the control of personal data back to every individual. 2
Josh Cowls Writing about the ethics of data and AI; political communication; civic technology; food. 1
Slash 2 Esports data and analytics 0