Publications tagged `DATA`
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Cognite Go deeper into industrial digitalization with stories straight from our developers, engineers, data scientists, and partners. Our contributors are on the frontlines of the global energy transition, industrial transformation, and issues related to cybersecurity and sustainability. 36
Kaodim Engineering Notes on software development, delivery and design. 34
Picasso Labs blog We explore the ways that data can make advertising better. 34
Forge.AI — Fueling Machine Intelligence Fuel for intelligent machines 31
Kuranda Labs Engineering Technology-focused and developers-focused articles from Kuranda Labs 29
Sawyer: Childhood Development Thoughts, ideas, and solutions from the engineers, designers, and data scientists of Sawyer. 29
Arweave Updates Stay up to date with all things Arweave 24
Tunaiku Tech Stories behind Tunaiku Products, Engineering and Data Team 24
B2B product Intersection of product management and enterprise software (SaaS, B2B, data) 20
DATA FEMINISM This publication showcases an edited selection of interviews from the book “Data Feminism” (MIT Press, 2020) by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein. 19
dataday Data Science, day-to-day. 18
Data Doodles A Visual Storytelling Project, Portraying Our Lives in Data Visualization. 17
bag of words science in practice 17
InnovationNetwork Reflections on transforming evaluation for social change 16
G21C Governing in the 21st Century 15