Publications tagged `SELF`
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Authentics A safe place for free hearts to express there authentic selves and inspire other's to seek their truth. 381
being nomadic A new Medium Publication for diversifying the great outdoors. 367
Mental Musings Thoughts on mental health, psychology, spirituality, productivity, and living your best life. 366
Evie’s Room Thoughts from behind closed doors 349
COSY Authentic ideas and vulnerable stories from a cosy land. Showcasing unheard perspectives for a new generation. 331
LighterSide A tongue in cheek home for Humor and Opinion pieces on Politics, Humanity, Tech, Relationships and more. 321
Fattitude Fat and not sorry about it. 301
Days of Calm Live Intentionally. 294
Psychobabbling Getting your brain to do what you want it to. 283
Conscious Being The Lifestyle Publication for Disabled Women. 277
The Venting Machine We all need and deserve a safe place to vent our daily frustrations to get it out of the system. The Venting Machine is the place to do it. 276
THE TURNING POINT We all have events in our lives that served as our turning point that led us to where we are today. Capturing those thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after that time helps us be proud of how far we’ve come. Together, this is our story forward. 268
The Land of the Forgotten Mid-life musings from Gen X 263
A Magical Space For The Introvert A place to share the joys, struggles, and surprises being an introvert can bring. Ps. We’re not shy, we’re not rude, we’re just introverts! 254
Autistic Discovery A publication about exploring identity and harnessing strengths after discovering you are autistic. 250