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Novice Programmer’s Toolkit A collection of various articles which aim to provide people who are new to programming with the knowledge they need to learn better 1
nyckelai Nyckel allows you to create custom functions from your own data. It only takes minutes and you don’t need to know anything about Machine Learning. Once created, your functions can be invoked using our secure and scalable API. Visit us at 1
Code Direct Code Direct is medium publication, focus on ideas, concepts and experiences about the tools used. 1
Batsuuri Blog Learning A Subject Weekly || Daily Blog 1
bestoked Here at beStoked we develop mobile app solutions for your business needs. We guarantee we can change the way you engage and showcase your business with customers. We believe that a mobile app keeps you on your feet, and personally it’s an exciting journey… 1
TechVraksh TechVraksh is an India-based software startup. We have a team of interns working on Fullstack Web Development. 1
Node for Newbies Simple explanations for concepts you will need to know when you build a Node.js project. 1
Read the Source We don’t talk about it much, but the majority of a software developer’s time is spent reading code (especially code written by others), not writing it. Read the Source is where you’ll find developers doing just that and sharing what they found and how they found it. 1
Mindware Engineering Publication about mindfulness software engineering 1
Five-Minute Tech Five-Minute Tech provides concise articles and tutorials on essential programming, software development, data analytics, and database topics and technologies. The goal is to minimize the time required to maximize your knowledge and skills. 1
Code Undefined simple to follow code tutorials 1
Business & Code Business & Code is the go to destination for insights into the intersection of software and business. 1
JonaMX Jonatan Juárez. A software engineer, 0
backroadsofgravity Articles on robotic space exploration 0
Qimi TechBlog Learn more about how Qimi designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organization 0