Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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vedcraft The idea behind Vedcraft: Ved (sanskrit meaning knowledge) and as combined with “Craft” puts the knowledge into action. Sharing practical knowledge is the vision of this platform. Read more about us at 2
FingerprintJS FingerprintJS is a tech startup building open-source fingerprinting APIs for preventing online fraud. 2
ADHDev If you’re a software developer with ADHD, and you have something to say, contact us at with your article draft link. 2
KindaBlog This is our blog. Our space. A place to share stories, opinions and knowledge. By our community to our community. 2
Promwad Electronics Here we share our experience in custom hardware and software product development: practice-based articles and case-studies on electronics design and manufacturing. 2
Kotlin and Kotlin for Android Programming guides, techniques, tools and tips for software development with Kotlin and native applications development for Android mobile devices. 2
South Eugene Robotics Team The only FRC team in the Eugene/Springfield area. 1
Espinola Designs Publications from the staff 1
SourceryAI Sourcery is a new tool that uses AI to suggest refactorings as you code. Write better code, faster. 1
Sprint Digital Empowering Businesses Through Technology 1
True Mark web + mobile + design + development 1
Expend Engineering The challenges and triumphs of a small but dedicated engineering team. Written by developers, for developers. 1
HutSix Blog An Australian software development agency specialising in custom CRM’s and empowering our clients to maximise their productivity and performance. 1
fivecodedevelopment Five Code Development is a software house, focused on software development like web application, mobile application, and desktop application 1
Tildeslash Writing about code and the systems it models, runs inside of, and creates. By 🍽️ 1