Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
Name Followers
Pyza Labs Pyza Labs helps you bring your ideas into beautiful software products. 2
Webspace Team More than just a software development company 2
Devil is in the Details Sharing ideas for improvement 2
Discover Computer Vision A “community” of like-minded individuals who’re experts in their industry pertaining to the field of Computer Vision(CV). 2
vowel magic Hire prominent tech writers and content creators. 2
M&S Software Development Comprehensive software development expertise across technologies. We build the future by partnering with startups, large enterprises, and everyone in between. 2
Coder Bee Coder Bee is an inclusive community oriented coding school focusing on women and underrepresented groups in IT. 2
Weekly Byte Weekly Byte provides the latest upates and news about software development with concise and easy to read articles and weekly email newsletters. 2
DevOps Mastery Want to learn new things that can help you optimize your development workflow? Look no farther! 2
DevOps Authority Helping people master the art of DevOps and CI/CD to optimize their workflows! 2
Vertrical Engineering Vertrical is an international, Germany based software developing and consulting company. We craft solid and highly scalable software. Our development process is 100% success driven. 2
Radixweb Explore our experts insights on innovative tech and biz solutions 2
vedcraft The idea behind Vedcraft: Ved (sanskrit meaning knowledge) and as combined with “Craft” puts the knowledge into action. Sharing practical knowledge is the vision of this platform. Read more about us at 2
FingerprintJS FingerprintJS is a tech startup building open-source fingerprinting APIs for preventing online fraud. 2
ADHDev If you’re a software developer with ADHD, and you have something to say, contact us at with your article draft link. 2