Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Picasso Labs Blog We publish stories about visual communication in the age of AI. We want to change the way people think about visual content. 22
GLAD Community Building a data driven community 21
Evolution One To help Artificial Intelligence break free of geographical, cultural and linguistic boundaries, we connect top-tier talent from around the world with the businesses that require it the most, whenever and wherever they need it. 21
ml5js Friendly Machine Learning for the Web. ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. 21
Latent Smart search engine for opinionated comments. With colloquial localization to Southeast Asia, for enterprises and influential individuals to manage strategic and reputation risks. IG: T: 20
When Machines Learn A blog to share research and work in applying machine learning in heavy industry. Focus includes asset management and process optimization. 20
Musing’s of a Data Scientist in Medicine I will start a series of blogs that will cover my learnings/experiences over the years in biology/medicine & field of S/W programming applications, R language, HPC, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, Genomics, Single-Cell, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science/viz, etc 19
Wandering in Advanced Analytics Sharing my studies and experiences in this fantastic domain 19
WalkInTheCode Before Starting Something make sure you have answer of question WHY? 19
NAGA Guard Blog Bringing transparency to crypto markets 18
Clinc, Inc. Clinc is a global conversational AI training platform provider deploying the next generation of natural language processing and deep learning technology for enterprises and developers. 18
Data Social A publication dedicated to data science for social science 18
Ingedata Ingedata provides human annotation services to computer vision and artificial intelligence companies. You can find us at Let’s talk data and training sets. 18
DeepVision This blog is about deep learning, Computer Vision and Image processing 18
csmadeeasy Computer Science Made Easy. A series of blog post, notes, and codes to make people feel comfortable with programming, math, and algorithms. No it will not teach you engineering but it will surely let you see it in a different perspective. 18