Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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A Journey Into Machine Learning Exploring Machine Learning into a greater depth. 17
Learn NLP Demystifying Natural Language Processing 17
AIPARK Live parking map for developers 16 Data science and engineering company that is changing the nature of work and how people live their lives. 16
Intrasonics Intrasonics is the leading technology for data-over-sound solutions and audio recognition 16 appliedAI is an initiative to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in industry as well as society. 16
Weights & Biases Building Developer Tools for Deep Learning 16
G21C Governing in the 21st Century 15
APPANION At Appanion, we develop strategies, prototypes and tangible action plans to work successfully with emerging key technologies such as artificial intelligence. 15
AI and the Future of Work Keeping you informed on the latest news in the world of HR emerging technology and how AI is impacting the Future of Work. 15
ML Cheat Sheet Everything you need to know about data science and machine learning 15
Caliber AI Artisan Solutions for AI Pioneers 13
FuzzyLabsAI AI for everybody 13
IEEE SB KUET Regional Publication. 13
Coffeehouse Complexity Exploring a Complex Universe over Coffee 13