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Data Decision & Intelligence Data Decision & Intelligence curated simple yet special stories to enhance your knowledge in the field of cognitive and decision sciences. One stop hub to taste stimulated statistics, advance artificial intelligence & boosted bioinformatics also synergy between Psychology and AI. 1
vijay-patha Celebrating Failure, Mental Models, Machine Learning , Product 1
Arize AI Arize AI is the watcher, troubleshooter and the guardrail on deployed AI. 1
vlgiitr Vision and Language Group, is a student-run deep learning centric group of IIT Roorkee. We meet up regularly to take up discussions on latest advancements in the deep learning field by reviewing various papers accepted in various tier-1 DL/CV/NLP conferences. 1
Agrimetrics Dev Yard The Developer Blog from Agrimetrics Ltd. 0
Soter Labs Exploring the implications of AI for the future of cybersecurity 0
Jason’s NLP Blog Pickup a few interesting natural language processing (NLP) papers and write down my thoughts. This is a personal blog so these views do not represent the position of my company. 0
Kapernikov Belgium’s leading experts in data for asset management and industry 4.0. 0
Articulate-AI Breaking down concepts, techniques and codes 0
Qavar An artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, helping you to defend against digital threats targeting your business, and scaling your business through custom-built, intelligent apps. 0
Deci AI Deci enables Deep Learning developers to boost their models so they are radically faster, more accurate and more efficient, on any hardware. 0
Random Noise Random Topics in Data Science, ML, AI, Mathematics, and Programming. 0
Quantargo Hands-on tips, tricks and techniques all about Data Science. 0
Recursion Blogs about anything related to Computer Science & Psychology 0
Chifi Media We are a small group of writers, scientists, DIY-ers, and programmers dedicated to making engaging content for practitioners in those fields. 0