Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Papercup AI Our mission is to translate the world’s content into every language. We’ve been developing a machine learning tool that generates a voice that sounds similar to you but in another language. We’re here to help content creators reach wider audiences. 2
Deep Learning Experiments Evaluating deep learning design choices through experimentation 2
Building Trust and Adoption in Machine Learning in Healthcare A Medium publication from @HarryCGoldberg on ML in healthcare 2
FiniteSum+ Data Science and Machine Learning Advice for Businesses 1
Explaining Machine Learning to my Grandmother In this article we will review in the most simple terms, what Machine Learning is and why you should study it. 1
Data Driven Media Group Data Driven Applications and Algorithms all in one place. 1
Can It Be Predicted? Datascience, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Predictive modeling 1
Asif Anwar Contents on machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, python, blockchain, fin-tech, photography and lifehacks 1
Data in All Things Musings about data science, healthcare, and society. 1
Genei Technology Genei Technology is an NLP startup working on automatic summarization. We have partnered with NVIDIA in their Inception program 1
firemind. We cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms and campaigns to create experiences. 1
re-HOOP*PER-rate Random digressions in machine learning and basketball 1
pivothorizon Sharing knowledge and creating the environment of learning 1
AI for Medicine Fusing the power of Artificial Intelligence into Medicine for improving global health by building Machine Learning models for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of patients. 1
Design by Behavior A publication that explores how behavioral science helps to design better digital products. 1