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DataRoad My learning experience from an artist to an engineer. Tough, but achievable. One of my favorite quote: “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 1
Machine Meets World from Infinia ML Infinia ML’s weekly interview show with leaders in artificial intelligence. 1
Agrimetrics Dev Yard The Developer Blog from Agrimetrics Ltd. 0
Soter Labs Exploring the implications of AI for the future of cybersecurity 0
Jason’s NLP Blog Pickup a few interesting natural language processing (NLP) papers and write down my thoughts. This is a personal blog so these views do not represent the position of my company. 0
Kapernikov Belgium’s leading experts in data for asset management and industry 4.0. 0
Articulate-AI Breaking down concepts, techniques and codes 0
Qavar An artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, helping you to defend against digital threats targeting your business, and scaling your business through custom-built, intelligent apps. 0
Random Noise Random Topics in Data Science, ML, AI, Mathematics, and Programming. 0
Deci AI Deci enables Deep Learning developers to boost their models so they are radically faster, more accurate and more efficient, on any hardware. 0
Quantargo Hands-on tips, tricks and techniques all about Data Science. 0
Optimizing Hyperparameters Optimization or tuning of hyperparameters is the question of choosing an appropriate range of hyperparameters for a learning algorithm. A hyperparameter is a parameter by which the learning process is regulated by its value. The values of certain parameters (usually node weights) 0
The Data Dump Technical articles on software engineering topics like data infrastructure, machine learning, and bioinformatics. 0
Emulation Nerd I am Multi-Disciplinary Engineer pursuing my M.S in Mathematics from BITS Pilani, interested in the field of AI and Data Science. I usually have not-so-novel approaches to understanding concepts and problem solving. They work better for me mostly and wanted to share those here. 0
Structuring your Machine Learning projects This article summarizes about how you can structure your machine learning projects . 0