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An Hour with Myself (As an Engineer and a Scientist) Like any good engineer or a scientist, I take pleasure in exploring uncharted territories or reviewing and challenging what I thought I new; to push boundaries, or simply to improve things marginally. I hope these can be of value to others as well. 0
Object Detection using OnnxRuntime in C# This example demonstrates how to do model inference using OnnxRuntime with pre-trained yolov3.onnx model 0
GyroCodes GyroCodes is a blog made by two HighSchool students to share their ideas and experiences with coding. Though we are no experts in programming, we believe everyone has something good to share and that’s why this blog was made to share our projects and experiments with coding. 0
Machine Learning Projects Machine Learning Workflows 0
Deep Learning for Protein Design This blog follows the current research in deep learning for protein structure prediction and design (with a focus on protein design). 0
Tech to Inspire Articles on technology, programming, science, machine learning, AI and more, with the hope to make the world kinder and life more meaningful. 0
DataPebbles Sharing knowledge on data 0
Reality AI Blog Articles from Reality AI about real-world problems in using ML on real-world data 0
onuragmaji Machine learning and deep learning articles 0
DGNN The more you learn the more you grow. My dad used to tell me “Just learning isn't good enough until you share it”. 0
Diva_Coders Technical Blog for all budding developers, researchers and tech enthusiasts 0
Hands-On Data Science Hands-On Machine Learning is dedicated to giving the Data Science community hands-on learning, projects and exercises, to allow more people to be exposed data science on a practical front. 0
Datascribble A medium publication around Data, Machine Learning and AI 0
ZACRAC Calling you to learn about the latest happenings in the world of data and its science. 0
Deep Learning for people in a hurry. The essential theories and ideas of Deep Learning with Python by Francois Chollet summarised into 30 pages published in individual chapters. 0