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Magnimetrics We write articles on various financial modeling and analysis topics that aim to present concepts in a clear, easy to understand way. Magnimetrics is a platform for automated financial analysis currently being developed in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. More on 238
IndraStra Global Geopolitics | Business | Technology 222
Graffino We’re web development experts, partnering with startups and enterprises to create profitable digital products and ventures. 🚀 214
LieCatcher The Lie Catcher collects articles about pernicious lies in the media in order to bring the whole truth to the lies. Our contributors are not just fact checkers, they are truth checkers and must prove their claims. 214
Business Teaching Start Your Business | Be Your Own Boss | Educate Yourself Financially 212
The Blue Stars A global community of writers that cover Writing, Finance, Technology, Life Lessons, Book Reviews, and Business stories around the world. If you’re a writer, we’re welcoming you to be a part of our community. 204
That Good You Need Keeping you caught up on what counts. Knowledge about what you don't know, and jokes about what you do. 204 Today’s Most Disruptive Technology Companies and Innovations — Long Form Articles for Investors 202
Goods & Services An approachable guide to world trade and the global economy 194
GitBit Insight and ideas about Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows, and Enterprise Mobility + Security 187
Advancing Women in Product (AWIP) AWIP was established to help foster and develop the next generation of women product leaders. To achieve this goal, we focus and excel on providing quality programming, for our members, that are focused on developing key skills to be a successful PM and a leader. 180
Cultural Resource Management All the things they should have taught you in field school and college 175
Leadership Life Leadership is hard. Life is harder. Leadership Life focuses on sharing the stories and lessons about leadership, the journey that comes with it, and the life that surrounds it. Leaders are entrepreneurs, visionaries, and builders. They’re also humans. Welcome to Leadership Life. 172
The Northwestern Business Review Northwestern University's leading business and tech publication 170
DevTechToday This is a collection of stories about what is happening in the latest and greatest world of technology. Find out thoughts and reflections on today’s technology, software development practices, Agile methodology and entrepreneurship. 168