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The Human Business A leadership publication that focuses on human-first management philosophies. 552
World Issues — Politics, Economics, and More The money and the power — more deadly by the hour! 551
Big Ideas Research and insights from Texas McCombs 519
Better Entrepreneur Submit your story. We cover Business, Entrepreneur’s Success stories, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. We cover startup and the startup success stories. Tips on Entrepreneur, Business and better marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, startups ane more. 496
Voice UI #VoiceFirst community. Voice tech analytics, market insights, and business uses. Powered by Just AI 469
CAPITOL STANDARD Elevate your career, your money and your life. 438
Code 85 Plain language programming tutorials for non-developers 436
Freelance Filter Software, Apps, & Resources to help writers and other creatives do business online better. 431
Outcrowd Outcrowd helps to transform your thoughts into visual perception. We design digital products that fit the needs of our customers. 426
Founders’ Hustle Entrepreneurial methodologies and startup building frameworks. 404
Memo Bank Memo Bank is a new bank for businesses. 396
nCoV Tracking what matters most in the Covid-19 pandemic. 366
The Glossary The indispensable playbook designed to inspire, encourage, and elevate the female spirit. 335
Vital World Online Vital World Online publishes articles on business, self-improvement, as well as fiction, and creative non-fiction. Our focus is on motivation, inspiration and growth. 335
xo Linda If you like my writing, please follow so I show up in your feed. :) 326