Publications tagged `BUSINESS`
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Analyst’s corner All aspects of organisational analysis: business analysis | enterprise architecture | quality 325
CXO Magazine Stories about the ideas and people shaping the future of work. Welcome to the conversation. 322
The Shortcut Talks Inspiring to innovate! Handpicked business, marketing, technology articles and startup news from Finland for entrepreneurs and startups. 314
GITS Apps Insight Journal about apps development for business and eCommerce from GITS Indonesia, a Google Certified Agency and Google Cloud Partner. | Website: 309
Better than sure. Publication for customer service and customer success professionals in the eCommerce industry. 301
Leadership By Anthony Boyd This publication is dedicated to leadership growth & development. 299
The Startup Growth The Startup Growth is a blog focused on telling the stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders. We speak to leaders in different industries to learn about their challenges and success stories. What the readers get out of it are lessons that they can apply to their journey. 298
Generative NFT Programming Articles This publication features articles about the NFT space, especially focusing on generative art and 10k NFT sets. Editor: Jim Dee of  — 280
Phase Change News, Stories, and Insights from Cyclotron Road 278
Client Magnet Marketing Using radical empathy to attract & convert your ideal customers 276
The Set List A custom development agency run by tech entrepreneurs and actual rockstars. We can build or staff any project. Give us a shout. 267
Deskera Engineering Product Engineering to solve business problems 254
Stark Naked Numbers Helping business owners and entrepreneurs make smarter financial decisions. 250
Writing For Profit This publication is aimed at helping writers improve their skills and earn money while writing about subjects they are passionate about. 242
Purple TEAM Help cybersecurity professionals to enhance their knowledge. 241