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Open GraphQL Anything & Everything GraphQL 3,037
JavaScript Inside All things JavaScript. 2,686
🦄 Sindre Sorhus’ blog Open Source • Swift • Node.js • Life 2,385
Launch School Publications of the Launch School Community 2,307
The Feathers Flightpath A framework for real-time applications and REST APIs with JavaScript and TypeScript 2,138
OLX Group Engineering We operate a network of online trading platforms in over 40 countries under market-leading brands that are used by over 300 million people every month to buy and sell almost anything, creating win-win exchanges for people, their communities and the environment. 1,992
Bumble Tech We’re the tech team behind social networking apps Bumble and Badoo. Our products help millions of people build meaningful connections around the world. 1,937
Atheros Everything you need to know about building AI products. 1,935
Dev bits A collection of developer experiences from wide domains like Python, JavaScript and Web Development 1,901
Indorse On the Indorse platform, hundreds of expert developers are ready to pre-screen your tech candidates and help you save time in your hiring process. By using our in-depths coding reports you will able to directly interview tech candidates that meet your standards! 1,854
Zendesk Engineering Engineering @ Zendesk 1,580
Wix Engineering Architecture, scaling, mobile and web development, management and more, written by our very own Wix engineers. 1,566
Frontend Digest Anything and everything frontend. JavaScript, CSS and HTML. 1,552
Learn Ionic Framework IonicThemes is the place to find all the resources you need about Ionic Framework like templates, components and tutorials. Now we're committed to bring value to everyone who chooses to create mobile apps by creating valuable content for you to learn. 1,536 Data Science training brought to you by INE 1,519