Publications tagged `SUSTAINABILITY`
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Ace of Air Higher Standards for a Healthier Planet. 2
Seljak Brand Developing closed-loop products that are regenerative by design 1
Sekoyia Eco-impact content, products, and experiences. 1
bobwyman A random collection. 1
AclydEX The Aclyd Group, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation, We develop & accelerate your project, turning carbon reduction results into a source of funding. 1
ModernSlavery101 Who makes our clothes? Who mined the gold in the battery of your phone or computer? Under what conditions were they working? We will unpack what modern slavery is, what is being done to address it, and what you can do to pitch in 1
Climate Neutral Certified Climate Neutral is on a mission to accelerate climate action by helping companies measure, reduce, then offset their entire carbon footprints and empower consumers to support these brands. 1
A Lighter Impact Anything Self-Development, Minimalism & Sustainability 1
Evolutionary Eschatology a practical theology exploration 1
Learning to Feed the World Discovering ideas and making connections in food and agriculture to learn how we can feed more people, better. 1
Sugandha Talwelkar Sugandha Talwelkar is an Electrical Engineer who is passionate about Clean Energy Tech and Sustainability. She practices a Zero Waste lifestyle (imperfectly) and is an advocate for wildlife conservation. In her free time, you will find her reading or walking in Boston Commons. 1
Planet B We envision a place where people and nature work in harmony to a shared goal of community. We publish articles that expand beyond the status quo (AKA Planet A). We are particularly interested in community and POC-led efforts, large scale conservation efforts, and tech for good. 1
Cultivate Magazine Cultivate inspires ecological stewardship and cultural transformation as we face the climate crisis together. 1
Emtrica Sustainability Tech 1
Resourcitopia Designing systems and products better for sustainable resource usage 1