Publications tagged `SUSTAINABILITY`
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Employees.Eco Comfortable. Healthy. Sustainable Employees 3
Urban garden How to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers 3
Architectonics and Data Science A matrical perspective on Architectonics - the scientific study of architecture. This publication shares thoughts, ideas and concepts about the built environment and development in data science. 3
+Impact Studio at Michigan Ross We are a studio for impact creators and innovators. We bring impactful ideas to life using business and design tools along with university research expertise. 3
My Green Terrace-Yard This publication talks about everything and anything related to urban gardening, organic farming, outdoor plantation, sustainable living with plants. 3
The Green Sprint We guide and facilitate organisations on their sustainability journey, enabling them to develop strategies and innovate; and transform business models, processes and products / services from destructive, to sustainable, to regenerative. Feel free to drop us a line! 3
Y.M. Saegusa Articles on conservation, sustainable homesteading, community, and healthy living. 3
DDIGITT DDIGITT is a digital unit specialized in 3D Strategy Consultancy and 3D Digital Product Creation. We bring the necessary 3D fundamentals to support Fashion’s digitization processes — ultimately bringing more agility and sustainability to every business. 3
BamCore Utilizing timber bamboo, BamCore green engineers a customizable dual-panel framing solution that eliminates 80% of wood studs, headers, and posts. The design reduces thermal bridging and air leakage, lowering operating energy and costs. This efficiency reduces a building’s GHG. 3
Ksapa Our mission at Ksapa is to provide scalable innovative solutions to help finance and business to build more resilient, more inclusive yet more competitive operating models through strategic advice, impact investing solutions design and management, and advocacy 2
Iconoclasm This interview series throws caution to the wind and assertively challenge beliefs, values, and practices that have significantly altered the course of all of our lives. 2
Islands of Sustainability Stories and ideas on sustainable development, climate change and changemakers 2
Futures in Long-termism The Long Term Alliance is co-founded by EIT Climate KIC, Dark Matter and a cohort of partners focused on five Areas of Action, which when combined seek to leverage systemic impact — changing behaviour, mindsets and action towards a long-term oriented society. 2
Verdure Verdure is a publication dedicated to publishing inspiring and informative stories on environment and sustainability from the business, consumer or societal perspectives. 2
Undivided Planet Working to bring people, policy, and industry together to create a sustainable future. 2