Publications tagged `SUSTAINABILITY`
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Go Cultivate! Thoughts on building healthy, prosperous communities 8
Wireless Bidet Wireless Bidet is a writing organization from South East Asia, founded in the year 2019. It is a collective of articles that focus on obscure and unorthodox lifestyle topics that are usually not shed light upon. Feel free to give us a follow for a dose of interesting insights. 8
If You Care About Your Ingredients This is my story about the craft of cooking. I live in Colombia so, I am writing in Spanish and English. I am not a writer in either language I am a cook. It may be a little ugly but, it is my attempt at an authentic expression. A work in progress. 7
Firstwater Where purpose puts intelligence first. 7
Electric Futures Inside stories and innovative ideas on how micro-mobility can transform our cities. An ElectricFeel publication. 7
Possibility™ Journey Sharing knowledge to help you design a healthier and more sustainable future. A blog exploring better Design and Growth possibilities — Let’s explore and design #thoughtfullyforward. 👨‍💻👉 7
The Green Space Combating climate change step by green step 6
Featherstory Synchronicity and the Sacred 6
Cellular Agriculture Canada Cellular Agriculture Canada is a nationwide interdisciplinary organization with the mission to support and promote the cellular agriculture industry in Canada 6
The Environmental Digest A publication dedicated to raising awareness around climate change, policy, laws, and sustainable future. Subscribe to get a 5-Day Crash Course! 6
HowGood Ratings The path to a more sustainable food system starts with transparency. HowGood is the largest database of sustainable food in the world. We independently research the environmental & social impact of food products, from farm to fork. 5
charlieplusmary Amsterdam based platform inspiring fashion lovers worldwide to make Fair and Sustainable Fashion choices 5
BREEZY MAGAZINE Latest news for ethical fashion for the smart, compassionate consumer. 5
ClimateOrb ClimateOrb utilizes data-driven methodologies to empower individuals and businesses with energy and CO2 reduction solutions. 5
James Beard Foundation Good food for good™ // 5