Publications tagged `SUSTAINABILITY`
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Hill Chronicles Living in Kenya, working across African with Liquid Telecom. Passionate about how we make Africa's fast growing cities sustainable and equitable, in the face of staggering urbanization. 28
PlanBlog The official blog of PlanAction, L3C, a social enterprise to expand walking, biking and transit access on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. 24
WE ACT for Environmental Justice Empowering communities to power change since 1988! Find out more on our website at 23
Field Notes on Food Culture Connecting the dots for a better food culture across society, industry, communication, built environment and the living world. 20
Eating to Save the Planet When it comes to food, we can all be more deliberate: ask where that fish comes from, choose the locally grown option, order the more sustainable plate. If all the world’s foodies recognized that they too are conservationists, we could make a tremendous difference. 18
EVmatch where electrification meets the future 18
Mustard Providing simple, effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint 12
beyond2c From the northern halls of the Vikings home comes this tribe of creative heralds. Writers, poets, photographers, creatives, great thinkers, fitness geeks, and experts. There are no stones and thoughts, and creative adventures left unturned in the pages of Beyond2c. 10
1 Million 1 Love To inspire, empower and connect 1 million people and socially responsible organizations dedicated to making a difference in their local communities that leave a lasting global impact. 10
Rising Together Papers on climate change, sustainability and indigenous modernity 9
TYLO Turn Your Light On (W)holistic perspectives for a waking world. Our nomads hash on the future of Tech, Health, Media, Business, and the Arts. Presented through a prism of sustainable indigenous solutions. Co-create with us — submit your original stories, photos, and art to 8
Go Cultivate! Thoughts on building healthy, prosperous communities 7
If You Care About Your Ingredients This is my story about the craft of cooking. I live in Colombia so, I am writing in Spanish and English. I am not a writer in either language I am a cook. It may be a little ugly but, it is my attempt at an authentic expression. A work in progress. 6
HowGood Ratings The path to a more sustainable food system starts with transparency. HowGood is the largest database of sustainable food in the world. We independently research the environmental & social impact of food products, from farm to fork. 5
charlieplusmary Amsterdam based platform inspiring fashion lovers worldwide to make Fair and Sustainable Fashion choices 5