Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Starschema Blog Data contains intelligence that can change the world — we help people discover, manage and use this intelligence. 475
Practo Engineering How we build @Practo 472
Data Syndrome Machine learning engineering for hire 468
The Stata Guide Here we showcase a series of articles on the Stata software covering topics ranging from data science to statistical analysis. 459
UNHCR Innovation Service UNHCR’s Innovation Service supports new approaches and methodologies to address the growing humanitarian needs of today and more critically — the future. 459
ShopBack Tech Blog Building the Smarter Way to Shop 442
Zillow Tech Hub Stories from engineers and data scientists rewiring the real estate transaction 439
Building Ibotta Thoughts and experiences from Ibotta's engineering, analytics and product teams 439
AI Saturdays Lagos Blog Here, we will run stories, articles, series and thought leadership on any and every topic revolving around our collective core interest - Artificial Intelligence. 437
Glovo Engineering Read about our biggest technical challenges and how it is to work at Glovo 435
Feature Stores for ML We bring interesting and technical content to the world of AI with sugar on top. 432
Cognitive AI A scientific journey through Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, and Brain Functions 421
FeedForward by Prolego Every successful AI-led company follows the same path forward. It’s a path that not only harnesses the power of AI in the organization, but more importantly, reveals the true value of the company that simply couldn’t be seen before. This is the kind of AI we create. 400
Flatlogic Flatlogic creates Dashboards and Web Applications for businesses to manage, analyze and visualize their data. 396
The Computational Biology Magazine Share your knowledge, research and ideas related to Computational Biology 393