Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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GSI Technology GSI Technology’s mission is to create world-class development and production partnerships using current and emerging technologies to help our customers, suppliers, and employees grow. Here on Medium, we discuss the applications of this tech through our blogs. 334
UNHCR Innovation Service UNHCR’s Innovation Service supports new approaches and methodologies to address the growing humanitarian needs of today and more critically — the future. 324
Flatlogic Flatlogic creates Dashboards and Web Applications for businesses to manage, analyze and visualize their data. 323
Cape Privacy (Formerly Dropout Labs) Privacy & Trust Management for Machine Learning. Operationalize compliance for collaborative machine learning across your organization. 317
Data Science Reporter Articles about data science, mathine learning, artificial intelligence and their impact in our life. 316
Mongolian Data Stories Using data analysis, visualization, and machine learning to tell Mongolia’s story. Interested in writing for Mongolian Data Stories? Send an email to Robert Ritz (editor of MDS) at 310
Coding at Dawn Laid-back programming + relaxing photography 308
DataComics Data comics is a blog series that combines data analysis and story telling with a flavour of humour. Open for giving talks and presentations on data analysis, data viz, storytelling and data art. Please inbox @ for invitations. 295
Enigma Engineering Enigma links internal data with real world data to bring contextual intelligence to bear on critical decisions. 285
VisionWizard A Medium publication for curated information of best research ideas in the field of AI. 282
QuantumBlack QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company, helps companies use data to drive decisions. We combine business experience, expertise in large-scale data analysis and visualisation, and advanced software engineering know-how to deliver results. 282
BlockScience The Scientific Method & Robust Engineering Design applied to Complex Systems 279
stellargraph We are a team of passionate engineers, designers, data scientists and researchers at CSIRO’s Data61, building cutting edge graph machine learning technology. 274
Data Wow A Leading AI Solution Provider and Intelligent Outsourcing Platform for Enterprise 273
Turo Engineering Turo Engineering & Data Science 270