Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Adyen Tech Insights from the team building the world’s payments infrastructure. 703
The Machine Learning Advantage Learn the basics of computer vision and machine learning without any complex math! Lots of C# examples and a tiny bit of Python. 671
Looka Engineering Creative engineers, data scientists, and designers making great design accessible and delightful for everyone. 670
Running with Data A collection of articles at the intersection between data science and endurance running. 666
Hexacta Engineering Technical articles from Hexacta developers and designers 646
Default to Open Life lives here. Stories about how we're building Trade Me. 627
DeepPavlov An open-source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots 609
Unit8 - Big Data & AI Solving your most impactful problems via BigData & AI - 606
Data Science Rush Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics: books, courses, tutorials. 605
Data Slice The results of Data Science presented in a fun and accessible way. 602
Loft Espaço para compartilhar o que acontece de inovação e tecnologia na Loft Confira nossas vagas: 584
Udemy Tech Blog Learn about cool projects, product initiatives, and company culture from the data science and engineering teams at Udemy 562
The School of AI (official) World-class AI education for anyone on Earth for free. 550
pangeo A community platform for big data geoscience 539
DeepQuestAI Our Mission which we choose to accept is to advance and democratize Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to every individual and corporate entity of all sizes everywhere on the planet. 534