Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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DeepPavlov An open-source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots 317
Deep Learning Demystified Simple intuitive explanation of a wide range of Deep Learning concepts from basic to advanced. 316
Mongolian Data Stories Using data analysis, visualization, and machine learning to tell Mongolia’s story. Interested in writing for Mongolian Data Stories? Send an email to Robert Ritz (editor of MDS) at 310
DataComics Data comics is a blog series that combines data analysis and story telling with a flavour of humour. Open for giving talks and presentations on data analysis, data viz, storytelling and data art. Please inbox @ for invitations. 295
Enigma Engineering Enigma links internal data with real world data to bring contextual intelligence to bear on critical decisions. 285
BlockScience The Scientific Method & Robust Engineering Design applied to Complex Systems 279
Building Ibotta Thoughts and experiences from Ibotta's engineering, analytics and product teams 278
pangeo A community platform for big data geoscience 277
Data Wow A Leading AI Solution Provider and Intelligent Outsourcing Platform for Enterprise 273
Turo Engineering Turo Engineering & Data Science 270
Sigmoid Making Machine Learning more accessible. One line of code at a time. 267
Data Science Journal Articles about data science, mathine learning, artificial intelligence and their impact in our life. 265
wbaa Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team 258
Convoy Tech Engineers, data scientists, product thinkers and designers changing the future of freight. 254
Data Science Everywhere Find the best articles related to Data Science 241