Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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Slalom Data & Analytics Insights, how-tos, and fresh perspectives on the latest trends in data and analytics and data science. 468
Convoy Tech Engineers, data scientists, product thinkers and designers changing the future of freight. 466
Open House The Opendoor Engineering and Data Science Blog 448
Zillow Tech Hub Stories from engineers and data scientists rewiring the real estate transaction 439
Data Syndrome Machine learning engineering for hire 432
Starschema Blog Data contains intelligence that can change the world — we help people discover, manage and use this intelligence. 400
FeedForward by Prolego Every successful AI-led company follows the same path forward. It’s a path that not only harnesses the power of AI in the organization, but more importantly, reveals the true value of the company that simply couldn’t be seen before. This is the kind of AI we create. 395
Building Ibotta Thoughts and experiences from Ibotta's engineering, analytics and product teams 389
Data Runner Data Runner, basit ve öğretici alıştırmalar ile veri bilimi öğretilerinin, teorileri ve uygulamaları arasında köprüler kurmayı amaçlıyoruz. Bu amaç doğrultusunda nasıl yapılır yazıları, yeni teknolojilerin tanıtımı ve püf noktalarının anlatıldığı içerikleri bulabilirsiniz. 387
Alethio The blockchain is our collective memory. We must be able to see what this memory contains about us. Only then can we make informed decisions. 384
UNHCR Innovation Service UNHCR’s Innovation Service supports new approaches and methodologies to address the growing humanitarian needs of today and more critically — the future. 383
ODSCJournal Collecting all of the best open data science articles, tutorials, advice, and code to share with the greater open data science community! 382
Building Stories from our team 381
Hands-Off Investing Automate your investing strategies. 377
DATA ENGINEER BR Conhecendo o irmão mais novo e menos sexy do Data Science 374