Publications tagged `DATA SCIENCE`
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The School of AI (official) World-class AI education for anyone on Earth for free. 550
MindsDB We democratize Machine Learning by bringing it to popular Databases 539
BBC Data Science Learn more about how the BBC collects, interprets, visualises and democratises data to achieve our goal of putting the audience at the heart of everything we do. 537
DeepQuestAI Our Mission which we choose to accept is to advance and democratize Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to every individual and corporate entity of all sizes everywhere on the planet. 534
Bolt Labs Behind the scenes look at the engineering and data science technology at Bolt 532
Feedzai Techblog Welcome to Feedzai Techblog, a compilation of tales on how we fight villainous villains through data science, AI and engineering. 532
BlockScience The Scientific Method & Robust Engineering Design applied to Complex Systems 531
Akanka Akanka is an experience design studio. We optimize experiences using design, data, and strategy. - 526
Data Science Indonesia A place to share and learn about anything related to Data Science curated by Data Science Indonesia members for Data Science People. 520
GetNinjas Blog da maior plataforma de contratação de serviços do Brasil 518
ML 2 Vec A blog on Machine Learning where I will go over popular Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and showcase results from my data science experiments. I will use different datasets to show how Machine Learning can be applied to different domains. 511
wbaa Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team 504
Star Gazers The place that enthusiastic and stargazer to everything. 500
Jobandtalent Engineering Jobandtalent Engineering team blog. The magicians that match people with the right jobs. How do they do it? We are Hiring! 492
Oda Product & Tech The software, design and data behind the grocery experience of the future. 483