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Christopher Oldcorn A writer curious about the world. Published over 300+ stories in 50+ publications. Hire my curiosity 168
Modern Music Analysis Here we deeply analyze the meaning of individual songs, albums, and even artists. We specialize in music in the 21st century. Follow to join our community! 137
Memoir Mixtapes The ultimate mashup of the two things we all love to talk about: ourselves and music. 133
Audius Audius'​ mission is to create a fully decentralized community of artists, developers, and listeners collaborating to share and defend the world's music. 131
Ciudad Poliédrica Miradas sobre la ciudad contemporánea desde el urbanismo y el arte 123
The Gleaming Sword A place to share music reviews, analysis and personal experiences. 92
Rants and Raves Richard Reflects on Hollywood 84
THE WORD IS NOT ENOUGH Welcome to the land of Curgatory: Music, Art, Humor, Sports, James Bond puns and all the stuff you want to read but will never find in the featured section of your feed. 78
High Vibes Media High Vibes Media ia a cannabis, music and wellness information resource platform. 72
Cultivate This is a publication that is dedicated to analyzing and looking into the meaning and significance of pop music, whether it be recent of yesteryears. 68
Clocked In Magazine music focused magazine doing research articles and reviews of all genres across the globe. we’re want to hear everything. if you have any releases email us! 67
Song Done Wrong Celebrating music through fiction and song parody. With an emphasis on hilarity. 65
A Desabafo A Desabafo, or The Outburst in Portuguese. Desabafo is to vent, and describes the urge to shout out to the heavens — in a glorious outburst — stories, ideas and experiences worth sharing. We shout out, promote and disseminate our writers’ ideas far and wide into the world. 63
Blokur Better rights data. 57
etc. Magazine Where you go for everything else. 55