Publications tagged `MUSIC`
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Rants and Raves Richard Reflects on Hollywood 46
The Music Cove This is a publication that is dedicated to analyzing and looking into the meaning and significance of pop music, whether it be recent of yesteryears. Do let me know on your opinions on the content up here! I’m also on twitter — @themusiccove1. 41
HENDON For the Culture 36
Music Matters “The only truth is music.” — Jack Kerouac 32
Song Done Wrong Celebrating music through fiction and song parody. With an emphasis on hilarity. 32
High Vibes Media High Vibes Media ia a cannabis, music and wellness information resource platform. 30
12 Songs Project People in the music industry share the 12 songs that impacted their lives. 29
beats and thoughts Beats and Thoughts is a publication centered around music and the emotions, musings, and purpose that come with the art form. Put simply, the publication is my attempt to make sense of my love for music. 28
The Universal Artist Guild A Guild for Artists of All Sorts 23
Casual Rambling Casually discussing or ranting about film, TV, sports, gaming, wrestling, or music 23
Climate Conscious Collabs Climate Conscious Collabs is a publication that seeks to highlight creatives who are working to tackle societal issues through various art forms. We also seek to provide commentary on current events and pressing societal issues. 19
The Coastline is Quiet A personal blog for my thoughts on music, video games, books, podcasts, history, and anything else I feel motivated to share. 19
Loop & Replay A digital zine devoted to getting you stoked about music history. 18
Music For Inspiration Providing insightful content about hip hop and R&B music to inspire positive action. Instagram: @musicforinspirations 18
Read About It A "showcase" for writing and ideas. 18