Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Mass Forces Media & Culture in the mix. 4
Geeks Against Trump A love for the galaxy far, far away, and the belief that American democracy has been safer before. And, a whole lot of pop culture fans have outed themselves as part of the alt-right. This group affirms that not all pop culture fans have such sentiments. 4
SCENARIO JOURNAL Scenario Journal is an online publication focused on the next generation of urban landscapes. 3
Complexity Everywhere Unexpected Events in Markets, Politics, and Society 3
Josh Cowls Writing about the ethics of data and AI; political communication; civic technology; food. 3
MICHAEL BASS Multimedia storyteller building immersive experiences for journalism and filmmaking. 3
Riflex We love to create. 3
The Caucus A Medium Publication offering thoughts, ideas and analysis on the latest politics developments 3
girl-ish Following Lidia Yuknavitch: making new girl-myths 3
Policy Perspectives Historical context and balanced insights on important social policy issues 3
jaredkalt. thoughts on public policy, the media, and society. 3
Verine Magazine Verine is a magazine dedicated to solutions journalism and investigative journalism, covering power, politics, justice, human rights, economics, creativity and entertainment. Knowledge to make a difference. 3
Life of Pablo Just a Personal Blog of a Guy on Medium. Nothing to see here. 3
Intelligence Challenged When did being a moron become such a point of pride? 3
What a time to be alive! We’re going to do our best to unpack the state of 2019 and beyond, so hop in and we’ll explain where we’re going on the way. 3